News Round-Up: Nikki Finke, Star Wars and tequila


Sometimes, one week contains too much news. So here are some quick items of note for your Sunday enjoyment.

Nikki Finke’s news empire launches YouTube (s GOOG) channel


PMC, which owns digital news sites Deadline, Movieline, TVLine and Hollywood Life, has officially launched their entry in the YouTube channels initiative, Entertainment News TV (ENTV). The channel is currently updated several times daily with short news updates collated from the PMC news network, and while most of the videos are anchored by easy-on-the-eyes talent, there is one interesting exception: Famously reclusive Nikki Finke provides narration for several videos. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear Hollywood’s most notorious critic bash Ricky Gervais, now is your chance.

White Collar Brawlers get loaded on tequila


Portal A, the production company behind award-winning documentary series White Collar Brawlers, launched a new branded series for Tres Agaves Tequila. Tequila Academy, set to run eight episodes, features Brawlers stars Kai and Nate traveling through Mexico and learning about the firey liquor. Fans of Brawler‘s high-def cinematography can expect more of the same.

Do good using YouTube

YouTube has released a new playbook of best practices (link goes to PDF file) for causes and non-profits, with tips including how to involve your audience in your cause and integrate Google Checkout to ask for donations.

Teaser for viral ad goes viral

In case you’re wondering what kind of world we live in, a teaser for a new Star Wars-themed Volkswagon ad has racked up over 3.2 million views in two days on YouTube. Note: This is not the actual commercial. This was an ad about the commercial, which will premiere during the Super Bowl.


According to the YouTube description, “Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense.” What, a bunch of dogs in Star Wars costumes bark the Imperial theme? That will make sense? I look forward to whatever unique twist this idea deserves.

Speaking of Star Wars

Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut has been posted to YouTube as one complete two hour film, AKA “The Director’s Cut.” Director Casey Pugh, having seen every single scene, personally selected the scenes that would make for “the most entertaining experience.”


When asked about the 4:3 formatting (as opposed to 16:9), Pugh said via email that “Most people don’t have HD cameras, so from the beginning I made it clear the end film would be in 4:3. If I were to do it again in 2012, that’d probably be a different story.”

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