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It is a rainy and soggy weekend in San Francisco. The gloomy skies make me want to go in the opposite direction and offer up some lighter fare for the readers while I return to my brooding. Have a great weekend, everyone.

  • Kodak is dying. Fujifilm is thriving. The Economist explains why there is a dichotomy between the two companies.
  • If you like well-designed products, then I don’t need to tell you about Alessi’s awesome array of offerings. In a conversation with Core77 design magazine, the father and son, Alessio and Giovanni, tell the story of their family and their business.
  • Dusk, Dawn & High Noon: how shifting demographics are going to define the next 50 years and what it means for the world economy. India, China and the U.S. viewed through the population lens.
  • How to beat procrastination? Good question, but a better answer. 
  • How iOS can lose. My friend Antonio Rodriguez makes a case for what can go wrong for Apple(s AAPL). I am not entirely sold on his arguments, but they are worthy of a read. Also, Charlie Kindel on why fragmentation is not the end of Android(s GOOG).
  • Products, and by that measure, the design and user experiences, have to be inclusive of everyone — or what Frank Ates describes as equally accessible to one and all.
  • Now that we are all stars (in our minds), how do you build your pop culture persona? Some helpful tips.

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Re: How iOS can lose.

I think Siri is a first step to provide a dialog in context[1,2](past,present, [prediction]) where prediction is missing from the patent for example, hence first step. As to background processing, I think data isolation is the bigger problem(I would not lump it together).
Android is still focused on dialog as selection only (visual or audio) for user and system, hence the required preciseness in required input.
Means I don’t see any problem for Apple just yet, except for the lack of deep understanding of context. IBM is selling patents to Google and has this deep understanding wonder what’s going on there. Maybe Oracle should watch its back. What would consumerization of ERP imply for example? Google Android OS/HW, IBM [dialog] SW?
From a technical neurological point of view, if calcium is stored (back propagation) in Dendrite what does that do to future calculations[3], besides going from a billion problem to a trillion problem? Something Apple has to think about for their patent[2], otherwise it will be useless.

1. Will Apple put Siri in everything?

2. Apple introduces us to Siri, the Killer Patent

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nernst_equation

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