Facebook And Timelines.com Propose 2013 Trial, Hint At Settlement

Facebook remains locked in a legal dispute with a Chicago website over who owns the word “timeline,” the name used by the social network to describe a feature that lets users make a digital scrapbook of their life.

In a trademark suit filed in September, Timelines.com claimed it would be “rolled over” if Facebook was allowed to use the name. Facebook filed a counter-suit last month, asking the court to strip the company of its trademarks on the grounds that “timeline” is a generic term.

In federal court today, the parties filed a schedule for the legal proceedings that would likely result in a trial taking place in 2013.

But the parties also suggested they may resolve the dispute before then:

The parties have discussed settlement of this matter and submit that an early settlement conference with a magistrate judge may facilitate settlement of this matter.

Previous trademark disputes over high-profile technology names like “iPhone” have typically resulted in quiet agreements.

Lawyers for the parties didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Timelines Status Report
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