Lovefilm lands on LG, Roku up next

British online video service Lovefilm is expanding its device footprint to fend off Netflix, (s NFLX) which launched in the country two weeks ago. Lovefilm’s customers will be able to access the service on LG smart TVs, according to an announcement the company sent us via email. The Amazon-owned (s AMZN) video service is also gearing up to launch on Roku’s media streaming box once the device starts shipping in the U.K. in early February, according to a reliable source.

Lovefilm’s Instant streaming service, which the company offers in addition to DVD rentals and VOD, costs British Internet users £4.99 per month (around $7.80 USD). The app on LG TVs will also make use of the magic motion remote that some of these devices come with.

It’s unclear yet when exactly Lovefilm will launch on Roku, but it could happen as soon as the first devices begin to ship. Roku plans initially to sell its devices through Amazon in the U.K., and the online retailer currently lists Feb. 3 as the shipping date for the streaming box. Lovefilm and Roku weren’t available for comment on their partnership.