The Green Overdrive Show: A super efficient engine [video]


On GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive show, we’ve driven a lot of the electric cars that are out there on the market. But what about technology that can make the traditional internal combustion engine car far more efficient? Enter Valley startup Pinnacle Engines and its innovative engine architecture that can deliver a vehicle with 30 to 50 percent better fuel economy. For our latest Green Overdrive video we check out the labs of Pinnacle Engines and chat about the company’s path to its first engines (in partners’ vehicles) on the roads in 2013.



ceo talks about 21 dollars/gallon…mmm hard to believe.even in italy where fuel gets as close as 2eur/liter we would like this efficient engine to be available-don’t forget scooters guys.that’s where we want these engines in!!allways interesting articles katie!thanks&keep up the good job.

Katie Fehrenbacher

@SINews, Thanks for your very kind remarks. A couple options for you. A). why dont you listen to the explanation that the Chief Engineer Simon Jackson gives about it in the video, it’s not so simplified. B). It’s a 4 stroke, they do mention that, and Simon is showing half of the engine. Also C). Feel free to use the Internets to learn more about the company’s technology:


what??? this is an internal combustion engine, just a different config. He could have put up two PV diagrams for two seconds, not said a word, we could all then go back to reading stoies about fluffy baby ducks!!


This is poor reporting if I’ve ever seen it. “They are testing the crap out of it.” for starters is meaningless. I have no doubt Pinnacle Engines thinks they made a break-thru but what is it? I’m seeing what I think is two-stroke engine. My old outboard had cylinder ports, that’s not new or innovative. So what have they done? The link to the illustration is dead. No hints there either. This new engine has TWO cranks? How’s that work? How do they resolve the friction loss of combining the power from two cranks into one? Katie, you are over your head.

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