AT&T Raises Fees On Smartphone Data, But Adds More Data To Monthly Plans

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The price of a monthly wireless data is going up at AT&T (NYSE: T), but the company is also throwing its customers a bone by increasing the ceiling of those plans. The carrier’s three basic smartphone data plans will all increase by $5 a month starting on Sunday along with an increase in the amount of data that one can consume before kicking in the dreaded overage charges.

AT&T announced the changes Wednesday, and they’re as follows: New AT&T customers will have the choice of three data plans: 300MB of data for $20 a month, 3GB of data for $30 a month, and 5GB of data for $50 a month. Those are $5-a-month increases in the monthly rates but an increase of 100MB for the low-end plan and an increase of 1GB for the other two plans.

So you’ll actually be paying less per byte, which could entice some current customers to switch plans (although they won’t be forced to change their existing plans). As of early 2011, the average smartphone user consumed 435MB of data according to Nielsen, although that number is sure to be larger by now and will continue to increase over the next several years.


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