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Taking SOPA/PIPA to the streets: Protests on for SF, NYC

San Francisco City Hall

A number of tech industry companies and organizations are taking to the web to protest the proposed anti-piracy legislation in the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA.) But the demonstrations don’t stop with site-wide blackouts planned for Wednesday by a number of web giants including Wikipedia, Scribd, Reddit and others: People also have plans to meet up in real life and take the protest to the streets.

  • In San Francisco, an anti-SOPA and PIPA rally is planned for 12:00pm PT in the Civic Center, where the city’s government offices are located. Venture capitalist Ron Conway is scheduled to speak at the rally, and a number of tech industry groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Hackers & Founders, and SV NewTech are organizing the event. More information is here.
  • In New York City, an anti-SOPA and PIPA meetup is scheduled to begin at 12:30pm ET outside the offices of Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at 780 Third Ave. The event is organized by NY Tech Meetup. More information is here.
  • In Seattle, three separate events are being planned by a group called Seattle Against SOPA. All meetups will begin at 11:30am PT. More information can be found here.

If you know of any other anti-SOPA and PIPA rallies planned for meatspace, please weigh in using the comments.

Photo of San Francisco City Hall courtesy of Flickr user Kwong Yee Cheng.

4 Responses to “Taking SOPA/PIPA to the streets: Protests on for SF, NYC”

  1. Austin Hoffman

    This is just terrible….SOPA is the equivalent of curing a headache with a guillotine. It may stop piracy, but it would shut down our economy and unconstitutionally erode our most basic freedoms in the process.

    I just hope that everyone realizes how important this is and does their part to save the internet & our economy! …here is another good video that explains the consequences of SOPA pretty well:

    1,000s of more websites have joined the force and went dark today, we need EVERYONES help!!!!

  2. Why should anyone become upset because a person quotes a source that just happens to be copyrighted? We are passing around info freely. That should not be the reason for pulling any site.

    Now, if the site advocated terrorism or treason, that would be a different matter.

    One should wonder whether the lobbyist who writes a column quoting a politician out of context and twists the words should be banned. That might stop the dirty tricksters for a short time. But those comments / tricks will appear on as many blogs as many times as possible using many assumed names.

  3. we are from and we are dirt poor with a dream to create a portal of education for the masses in our own unique style. sopa and pipa will affect us we are not for it we don’t copy we transfer and refresh knowledge.