Your next iPhone could be waterproof

According to one maker of a waterproof microscopic film technology, we might see waterproof devices among the next generation of mobile phones, and Apple (s aapl) could be at the fore of this movement. And the revolution could come without big trade-offs in physical design.

The tech that could make your iPhone submersible is called HzO, and its creators told blog Pocket-lint at CES 2012 that major manufacturers are already talking them up. Apple specifically has been talking about using the product in its upcoming iPhones, the company revealed. Here’s a video of the HzO tech in action:

Apple isn’t the only company with interest piqued by HzO’s capabilities — which include preventing damage from accidental exposure to moisture like sweat, as well as preventing damage from full-submersion activities like swimming. At the show last week, HzO showed off its product to Samsung’s chairman, and said the company now “is really excited by the tech.”

HzO works by applying a thin waterproof film to a device’s components during the manufacturing stage, so it arrives in a consumer’s hands ready to endure a dunking. Unlike case solutions like the Lifeproof, it doesn’t add any bulk or inconveniences to the phone, and unlike the similar after-market solution Liquipel, it offers more than just limited water resistance since it’s integrated at the level of individual components.

Obviously, this is something that would be amazing to have, so long as it doesn’t result in increased costs for consumers or impede a phone’s functionality in any way. Let’s hope Apple is really considering making this a part of future devices, so long as those two conditions are met, because lounging in a pool with my iPad is something that can’t happen soon enough.