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Updated: Quarterly Wrap-ups: a look back at Q4 and predictions for 2012

As our colleagues over at GigaOM reminded us with this recent recap, the past 12 months were marked by major flubs in the solar and mobile industries, missteps on the part of Netflix and the reinvention of music streaming services as a social platform. The final three months of 2011 were particularly tumultuous, marked by the death of Steve Jobs, Carol Bartz’s ungraceful exit as Yahoo’s CEO and the continued growth of cloud and big data as increasingly vital parts of personal and enterprise computing.

It’s a lot to keep track of, and it’s even more to analyze. But as they always do at the close of every quarter, GigaOM Pro’s trustworthy curators present their quarterly wrap-ups, which cover the most important events, technologies and companies from the past three months as well as predictions for the next year. Watch for these as they roll out across each GigaOM Pro vertical over the next five days.

Adam Lesser looks at the spectrum of opportunities in cleantech — whether it is electric vehicles, the solar market or low-power processors — and the corresponding challenges in financing and establishing the value of new technologies in “Green IT Q4: solar, subsidies and the outlook for EVs.”

Meanwhile, Colin Gibbs evaluates all things mobile in light of the failed T-Mobile–AT&T merger deal in Mobile Q4: The scramble for spectrum continues,”and he also discusses the promise of technologies like Siri and the never-ending battle for the dominant place in the platform race.

On Wednesday, Derrick Harris will recap how Hadoop led the big data business while VC money flowed to companies offering SaaS products in “Infrastructure Q4: Big data gets bigger and SaaS startups shine.”

On Thursday, David Card’s “NewNetQ4: platform mania and social commerce shakeout” will round up recent news in the web 2.0 and social media fields. While the fourth quarter lacked a single, dominating event, smaller announcements and IPOs had much to say about social commerce and why it takes more than APIs to be a true platform.

Updated: And finally, on Friday, Paul Sweeting will round out our quarterly wrap-ups with “Connected Consumer Q4: SOPA and the future of digital content,” by looking at the recent uptick in online spending, battles in the television market (including Microsoft’s OTT strategy) and a recap of recent developments in the ongoing SOPA saga.