Today in Cleantech

Dave Hurst over at Pike Research has put out his projections for the medium and heavy duty hybrid truck market. Hurst expects hybrid electric trucks to crack 10,000 units this year and for plug-in hybrids to surpass about 5,000 units. These are truly tiny numbers but the one bright spot appears to be in Europe, the U.K. and France in particular, where demand for plug-in trucks is being encouraged by support from Daimler and Mitsubishi. In  the consumer category, full sized trucks and SUV sector, we are seeing some embracing of EV technology with Via Motors’ recent deal with A123 Systems, to use A123’s batteries for its light trucks, and the news that Tesla will unveil an SUV in February. It’s been difficult to move EV technology up the chain towards larger and larger vehicles, but we are seeing some companies try.