The Morning Lowdown 1-13-12


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Hulu Plus claims more than 1.5 million subscribers, commits $500 million to content in 2012 (paidContent)

»  From CES, a few hints about the future of TV (ReadWriteWeb)

»  Newsweek reviving its 1960s design for ‘Mad Men’ issue, down to the ads (AdAge)

»  Google+: It’s time to let the teens in (SiliconFilter)

»  Twitter UK poaches BBC Sport social media editor, just in time for the Olympics (paidContent)

»  Amazon’s plagiarism problem (Fast Company)

»  Larry King, Carlos Slim planning “huge” online venture (The Wrap)

»  Update to my previous post on Truth Vigilantes (Arthur Brisbane/NYT)

»  Why publishers are not optimistic that people will read more books because of the digital transition (Digital Book World)

»  Hot for e-teacher: Four reasons your brain loves to learn online (The Next Web)

»  The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow (Wirecutter)

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