Bigger than Google+, MySpace isn’t dead yet


MySpace, the grand daddy of social services is still wheezing along, comScore says in its latest social media report. In fact it is bigger than Tumblr and Google Plus. I have no idea where (and why) MySpace is getting so much traffic – still. Infact, people spend more time on MySpace, a dying platform than on Google Plus says a lot about the latter. Compare the time spent on Google Plus and Facebook and realize that Google is climbing what is essentially the side of a glass building. Also, did you notice Pinterest just cracked the top ten list! As I said, Pinterest is hawt!



Hey, you guys are being silly. I don’t know if any of you who have claimed that myspace is a platform for musicians actually are musicians in the first place. I’m sorry to report, but among the community of musicians that i am in contact with, not a single one of them uses myspace as a platform for their music. sometime 1-2 years ago this died. facebook’s musician page is stellar for musicians, twitter is a great tool for musicians, soundcloud is a great tool for musicians, and bandcamp is a great tool for musicians. musicians no longer have to pick a website to use as their base. so… what i’m trying to say is that I would love an actual answer regarding myspace and what it is that is keeping it alive.

Kevin Mullett

Businesses need to look at which services provide engagement and return for their audience instead of looking at total traffic volume. Individuals will clearly enjoying the service that has a crowd of people with similar interests. More doesn’t equal a more qualitative experience.

Justin Mazza

I had no idea that MySpace is still popular, even more so than Google +. I may have to go and take a peak at MySpace and see more.

Manish Gupta

Wow! Avg. mins per user is a staggering # for Facebook and Tumblr. Om – Did you analyze any specific day of the week when people spend more time across all of these social sites? It will be interesting to compare these numbers in Jun, 2012 and see where the wave moving…

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