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Bigger than Google+, MySpace isn’t dead yet

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MySpace, the grand daddy of social services is still wheezing along, comScore says in its latest social media report. In fact it is bigger than Tumblr and Google Plus. I have no idea where (and why) MySpace is getting so much traffic – still. Infact, people spend more time on MySpace, a dying platform than on Google Plus says a lot about the latter. Compare the time spent on Google Plus and Facebook and realize that Google is climbing what is essentially the side of a glass building. Also, did you notice Pinterest just cracked the top ten list! As I said, Pinterest is hawt!

42 Responses to “Bigger than Google+, MySpace isn’t dead yet”

  1. mephi5to

    Inaccurate. I don’t even close G+. So, is most fo the people. There are links to the articles in the feed. You click on it, read it go back to next updates… There is no way ppl spend less then 5 min on average. As one famous man said: there are lies, big lies and statistics

  2. MySpace is now the defacto platform for music & music makers. It is far from a dying platform, instead it appears to have shifted its place in the the net space.

    As for Pinterest and Facebook, this seems to show that many people still have a nearly unending amount of time on their hands.

  3. Bruce Canales

    This will change very quickly especially how Google is going to deeply integrate G+ profiles with actual SERPs on Google. MySpace is still pretty popular in the music industry which is why they are still around.

  4. trollCall

    My_ has improved. I think the changes they’ve made may be underrated, but as a site for bands, it is quite good, although Google+ combined with the YouTube (with artist’s Vevo inputs, depending on the label with whom artists are contracted) are beginning to push it out. This study should include YouTube as a part of social networking the more integrated it becomes with Google+.

  5. So – if MySpace is dieing and no other platform bridges the gap for Musicians/band – then time for a new business to grab? Is there an app for that on facebook/Google+?

    It would be great to have such an app on fb/g+. Not sure if these ideas are already thought out and implemented

  6. BettinaRonit Dobrodt

    Hiya, no real surprise, is it? i remember being a member on google+ for three minutes, in fact, spending more time to get the account than actually being part of the network. A whole lot of nonsense. Not that MySpace is any better. facebook is leading for a number of reason, and anyone who ever tried other networks knows exactly why.

  7. Its a social network….. If you ever noticed, social = more than 1 or 2 people therefore older networks are going to have more people than newer ones. People have spent lots of time making there myspace pages. Why does everyone expect people to drop those pages the day google+ comes out. For one thye cant be bothered to remake a social page. 2: no one is on google+ they are all still on myspace. Would you walk away from an old playground full of your mates to an empty playground that just has a whole laod of internet marketers hanging about? This isnt interesting.

    • alimuhareb

      if you look at the statistics, you will notice that ‘no one’ is on google+ or myspace. so… your whole ‘older argument’ makes it seem as if you read half of the article then refused to let any more information enter your brain…

  8. Seth Lieberman

    Now add valuation on the chart:

    Facebook: 100 Billion
    Twitter: 9 Billion
    LinkedIn: 7 Billion
    MySpace: 35 MILLION

    Sounds like Specific Media might just have gotten one hell of a deal…

  9. Bill Hayward

    I think focusing on a MySpace / Google+ comparison is really apples and oranges. Although I can’t put anything quantitative behind this, my sense, based on what I’ve observed so far, is that Google+ is going to find its primary niche as a business/professional social networking platform. So it will end up looking more like LinkedIn than Facebook or MySpace. There’s just something about the way Google+ is set up that seems to make it more appealing for business use. And I think Google+ has also made that observation–that’s why they’re making the move of adding Google+ content to their search. If it’s used by professionals networking with other professionals, the content will have more value in search results than would content from social networking activity of a more personal nature.

  10. Ben Goldsmith

    Surely Google Plus is going to take off? I know it’ll be difficult to convince users to migrate from FB for social purposes, considering all of their friends are on FB already, but the little-black-bar that unites google, google+ and gmail is such a winning tool! But is it enough? (perhaps not!)

  11. MySpace is definitely the place for posting video and music. My big problem with them was the non-stop spam (and some viruses) I got from them. Have gotten very little of that from Facebook.

  12. Michelle

    It’d be interesting to see the progession of traffic. I.E. Has MySpace stayed steady in terms of traffic, or, better yet, have they been gaining back some popularity? What do those numbers look like in comparison with Google+? It’ll be interesting to watch Facebook’s numbers in the coming months with their new introduction of “Timeline” which is essentially a “Myspace Lite”. I know this is anecdotal, but I’ve recently been noticing a severe drop off in my own News Feed. It would be interesting to see if this is across the board.

  13. Noreen Sullivan

    or do not want to have a youtube channel for their band. The simple fact that an edu address was required for Facebook for many years made MySpace the place for people who did not go to college, people in bands, and people who are alternative in some way. While Facebook is not just for privileged white kids anymore there are people who still think of it that way. Military families also account for the high usage especially around the holidays.

  14. It may get more visits than tumblr, but look at how much longer people stay on tumblr. It’s really not surprising that they get traffic since so many bands use myspace to share their tunes. Like Craig said, they should embrace that fact and adapt.

  15. Craig Berry

    MySpace is still somewhat popular for musicians/bands. If they could embrace that niche further, IMO, I think they could remain viable for a long time.

    They better get on it though – Soundcloud, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, etc. are gaining momentum.

    • alimuhareb

      this was a viable argument maybe 1-2 years ago. today, it’s not even a viable music platform. we now have soundcloud, bandcamp, and facebook musician profiles to fulfill any needs that myspace might have. the major plus of myspace’s music section was that, for whatever reason, people continued to log in to their profile, and they also continued to check out bands through the myspace platform. but without that user base, myspace is utterly useless. i’m actually pretty confused as to how it’s around. anyone care to let me know what the demographics on myspace are like these days?

    • Eliman Vega

      My old MySpace page still looks better than any facebook page, even with Timeline. It’s not for social networking though… Twitter and Facebook have that niche. Who is it for then? Anyone who wants to make a great impression with a free, custom-designed page. It’s marketing done right. A great way to learn webpage design too.