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Apple is right where it needs to be at CES

Apple (s aapl) is at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) despite not having an official exhibiting presence at the show, according to a new report from Reuters. (s tri) More than 250 employees are reportedly registered to attend the show, according to Reuters’ source, and at least one noteworthy Apple exec has already been spotted stalking the show floor.

Despite that Apple doesn’t officially exhibit at CES, its presence is felt everywhere. Accessory makers use the show to launch docks, devices, chargers, peripherals and more designed to plug into, power up or otherwise complement Apple hardware. And Apple’s competition in the computer and mobile hardware game seem to be almost equally paying homage to the absent Mac-maker; Intel’s (s intc) vaunted Ultrabooks aspire to be the next MacBook Air, while smartphones and tablets are measured against Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

It makes sense then, that Apple’s own iOS product marketing chief Greg Joswiak, as spotted by PaidContent’s Tom Krazit, would be on hand to take a look at what the competition thought would represent legitimate competition to Apple’s hardware and software. And if someone as high-ranking as Joswiak is on hand, then another 250-odd lower-level employees is hardly a surprising figure. CES, after all, is a terrific opportunity to see not only shipping products from a broad cross-section of the competition, but also to get a look at how your third-party peripheral partners are representing your own products by association, as well as other in-development tech trotted out to wow the media.

Apple doesn’t need a presence at CES, but it will benefit from the opportunity it represents to take a look at the competition with its guard down. In stark contrast to Apple’s typical behavior, many companies are previewing devices that could be almost a year out from actual production; getting a hands-on look at the iPad 3’s and next MacBook Air’s potential competitors with the benefit of insider knowledge is definitely worth the price of a few hundred registrations.

5 Responses to “Apple is right where it needs to be at CES”

  1. Juan your out of your mind. You gotta love the Apple haters…Give it up. Inovation brother thats why Apple is tops!!!!Just like Apple copied Siri from Samsung, which is a load of crap. Samsung assistant is a joke that requires you to actually interface and touch your screen whereas I touch a button and Siri is ready to go..Andriod wishes they had the technology.

  2. Peter Mullen

    In other words, a whole lotta nothing for the fanboys to keep talking about nothing other than how much they love Apple and that Apple has nothing to report during this or any other CES. Oh, and nothing to report in this post either other than Apple has nothing to announce. Thanks for nothing.

  3. Juan Rios

    They’re there just taking notes on other companies products to copy them and the just put an Apple logo at the back and charge 3x the price. Looking forward to that Android 4.0 based Apple TV ;-).

    • Eddie Lopez

      this is exactly what is wrong with apple haters.. holy crap dude.. not only every company wait for apple to come out for the next big thing and then copy them, but apple’s biggest strength is their OS or iOS which is what haters choose to simply ignore.
      Their OSs stay smooth from day one to many years later, something that neither windows nor android does, THIS is why i buy apple products, price is not an issue if something is well done and has the right software.

    • Rock on Eddie I agree. Juan give it up, you and the other haters of Apple products, Im not sure if its Apple haters cant afford the product or they are simply ignorant to the quality. Oh well..