CES Video: Innergie PocketCell powers mobile devices

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Just before heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show, I was contacted by Innergie, the company who makes the innovative Magic Cable that my colleague Darrell reviewed in December. Innergie debuted a new product today, the PocketCell, and offered to send me a review unit for use at CES.

The portable battery and cable system has already saved my hide here at the show and I’ll be buying my own as soon as I get back home. Here’s a video look at the 2.8 ounce PocketCell, which is a small and stylish 3,000 mAh battery which can charge my handsets once or twice throughout the day.

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Exactly what I’ve been saying all along Kevin – ONE battery that works with ALL devices! I will say though that you’re being ripped off – my Energizer XP8000 that I’ve got in my CES gearbag right now offers 8000mAh and costs $99. I can easily get 4-5 full recharge cycles on my TP2 and the tips let me use it with my Clear 4G mobile hotspot as well. Yes, it’s bigger than what you’ve got, but no bigger or heavier than a smartphone and I can easily keep it in a pocket or on my belt. I’ll be putting more photos up on my blog soon!

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