CES Video: Innergie PocketCell powers mobile devices

Just before heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show, I was contacted by Innergie, the company who makes the innovative Magic Cable that my colleague Darrell reviewed in December. Innergie debuted a new product today, the PocketCell, and offered to send me a review unit for use at CES.

The portable battery and cable system has already saved my hide here at the show and I’ll be buying my own as soon as I get back home. Here’s a video look at the 2.8 ounce PocketCell, which is a small and stylish 3,000 mAh battery which can charge my handsets once or twice throughout the day.

Included in this $80 kit is a 15W dual-USB charger, a 10W car charger, and both a Magic Cable Duo and Trio. These USB cables support mini USB, micro USB and 30-pin iOS connections, so I’ve been using them with iPhone 4S(s aapl), Galaxy Nexus(s goog) and even a point-and-shoot camera for data transfers.