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Comcast Starts Live In-Home Streaming; Requires New 'AnyPlay' Device

Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) has started in-home streaming but it’s not quite live video Valhalla. Streaming access to the Xfinity TV linear lineup via the internet is available only in limited areas for certain tablets — and only with the use of a new device, the AnyPlay.

The service, long in the works but announced today, is rolling out first for Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in Denver and Nashville. It will only work on the iPad to start, with the Motorola (NYSE: MMI) Xoom up next.

The AnyPlay device works as a bridge between the wireless router and the devices, with an updated Xfinity TV app as the player.

Here’s how Mark Hess, SVP of Video Product Development, describes it on the Xfinity blog:

AnyPlay delivers the lineup to the Wi-Fi router on the home network. The router then distributes the secure video signal to the iPad or Xoom over your home’s wireless network.

There’s no extra charge — for now — but the fine print says shipping and handling of the self-installation kit might cost $9.95.

Some more fine print: Xfinity subs can register up to 10 devices — but can only use one at a time for live TV.

Like I said, not live video Valhalla.