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@ CES: Apple Is Scouting The Competition

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Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) famously avoids the biggest event on the tech industry calendar, and given the traffic on Paradise Road this morning you can’t exactly blame them. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t scouting the competition in person at CES 2012.

While wandering around the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center Tuesday, I bumped into Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing for Apple, just outside of Sony’s booth. Joz, as he’s known within the Apple community, grinned sheepishly upon being recognized by a reporter and stopped to chat for a few minutes.

Joswiak said he was interested in how other companies present their products at events such as CES, from things like booth layout and aesthetics to which products are highlighted within a company’s booth. He seemed less than impressed with Sony’s booth but didn’t really want to get into a lengthy discussion.

Apple hasn’t done any kind of trade show booth since it announced it was pulling out of Macworld after the 2009 show, but that doesn’t mean the company can’t learn anything from the way the rest of its competitors market their wares to industry professionals and the public. And it also allows for a first-hand report on which products or services are resonating with the crowds.

It’s not all that surprising that Apple would want to keep tabs on CES but I was a little surprised to see Joz, one of the higher-ranking executives in Apple’s hierarchy, walking the show floor like anybody else. His badge was strategically arranged as to cover over his name and company affiliation, however, a nod to Apple’s penchant for keeping a low profile.

14 Responses to “@ CES: Apple Is Scouting The Competition”

    • Apple is stealing ideas from all the other companies so they can tweak them a bit and call them their own. I’m sure once all of these ideas are announced by Apple, you’ll be interested and praise them for being so innovative. Excluding their first computers, nothing (that I can think of) they have put out was innovative, just snatched up by their herd of followers.
      Also, why did you post 3 times in a row? are you trying to anger people?

      • Andre Richards

        “Apple is stealing ideas from all the other companies….”
        Most of those companies are already following Apple’s lead as it is or playing in markets created almost singlehandedly by Apple, so who cares if that’s what Apple is doing? Turn-about is fair play.

    • Andre Richards

      Awww… butt-hurt Apple haters are so cute when they’re angry. 

      Of course, this is not not earth-shattering but it certainly is newsworthy. You don’t find it interesting that a high-ranking exec from the most influential and powerful tech company was wandering the floor at such a high-profile trade show–one that they ostensibly don’t care about? Given Apple’s notorious tendency to keep their activities quiet, it becomes even more interesting. What are they checking out? That’s absolutely newsworthy and interesting, and I’m glad Tom Krazit had the good sense to report it.

      Oh, but I know. Anything that paints Apple guys as anything other than angry, greedy monsters is unacceptable. I suggest you keep your biscuit and stick it somewhere.

  1. “but I was a little surprised to see Joz, one of the higher-ranking executives in Apple’s hierarchy, walking the show floor like anybody else.”
    Did you expect him to float three feet above the floor as fitting his holy status ?

    • Staci D. Kramer

      Not sure what Tom expected but aside from Joz being there at all, in my experience some senior execs do floor tours in small corporate groups or wear badges from exhibitors, not their own company.

    • That’s cute, but I was definitely surprised to see that senior an Apple executive walking the CES floor. I’m sure lower-level people who don’t make public appearances on behalf of the company do all kinds of market research for Apple, but I hadn’t expected to see one of the senior guys taking it in for himself. And to be clear, I think that’s to his credit that he wants to see it personally.