@ CES: One Laptop Per Child Group Launching $100 Android Tablet

Nick Neogroponte’s dream of bringing low-cost laptops to children around the world is ready for its mobile version. The XO-3 is launching at CES this weekend as a ruggedized tablet running Android that costs just $100.

The One Laptop Per Child group has talked about launching such a device for a while, but has finally created a prototype that will grace the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. Tablets are a natural expansion point for the group’s efforts to bring low-cost computing to those on the other side of the digital divide, especially given how much more lightweight tablet computing can be on a young child.

Spec-wise, you won’t be blown away by the XO-3, but it wasn’t designed with specs in mind. Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) designed the processor inside the device, which also features hooks for charging the device by either a hand crank or by solar panel.

Educational tablet opportunities are something we’re going to be following closely this week and over the course of the year as a potential opportunity for hardware and software companies inside schools where students lug around half their body weight in books.