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Dijit releases social TV guide app for the iPad

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Users are increasingly using the iPad (s aapl) as a companion device while watching TV, whether as a way to find out more about the show they’re watching, or to check out what’s next. And so, there are a growing number of apps popping up that help users navigate their TV program guides. Now Dijit has released a universal iOS app that brings its social TV guide to the iPad for the first time.

Dijit originally launched mainly as a universal remote control, but has increasingly been adding content discovery and social features to its product. Those features are designed to provide personalized access to the most relevant shows a viewer might want to watch, as well as to give those viewers an easy way to find out about new shows based on what their friends are watching.

The new iPad app expands on existing Dijit mobile features by taking advantage of the tablet’s larger screen and adding more functionality as a result. Viewers will be able access their local TV listings, get recommendations from their Facebook friends, and gather more information about the cast and crew of the shows they’re watching. The app includes Wikipedia and YouTube (s GOOG) integration to highlight additional content online. It also has a social check-in feature that will let users share what they’re watching with their social graph on Twitter and Facebook.

Dijit works with Roku streaming set-top boxes, and also acts as a universal remote control when paired with the Griffin Beacon IR blaster. But the startup soon hopes to directly connect with Wi-Fi-capable TVs and operator set-top boxes.

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