NYT's New Replica Edition Is Free For Print Subs, But More Pain Than Perk

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Credit: New York Times

The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) increased the price of its weekday print edition by $0.50 this week, and home delivery subscribers will pay an additional $0.30 to $0.60 per week. With higher prices come a small new perk for home delivery subscribers to the NYT, Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune–though in my experience, it’s more of a pain than a perk.

The New York Times Company is now using a new company, NewspaperDirect, to power the replica editions of the New York Times, Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune. The service was previously offered by LibreDigital.

The biggest change resulting from the switch to NewspaperDirect is the ability to read the replica edition offline. Users can also listen to articles as audio. The changes could entice some new users to try subscribing to the replica edition.

However, to read the Replica Edition offline, you have to install NewspaperDirect’s PressReader software on your computer and authorize it. On the Mac, where the software is in beta, that is an annoyingly clunky process with little guidance offered. You have to authorize your computer with a user name and password–which appear not to be the user name and password I use to access my NYT home delivery account, as I was repeatedly prohibited from logging in. After digging through the PressReader FAQ, I found this: “Please note: Home Delivery subscribers should email newyorktimes@support.newspaperdirect.com to get instructions and credentials to download PressReader.” In other words, it seems you have to e-mail them to get your password and can’t just use your home delivery account information. It’s a hassle. Update: I e-mailed that address and received a username and password in a few hours.

The Replica Edition is free for all NYT print subscribers, but access to it is not included with the NYT’s standalone all-digital access. The replica edition of the NYT is $19.99 for a recurring 4-week subscription. A single copy is $0.99 and there is a free two-week trial.

The replica edition of the IHT is $14.99 for a recurring 4-week subscription.

The replica edition of the Boston Globe is included in the digital subscription package, which is $3.99 per week.

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