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A new gorgeous iPhone concept we wish was from Apple

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Apple makes beautiful things, but sometimes Apple fans can make them even more beautiful. This new iPhone SJ concept from ADR Studios in Italy (the same folks who created that iCam mock-up) is a perfect example.

Designer Antonio De Rosa has really outdone himself this time, with an edge-to-edge capacitive screen on a super-thin all-glass body, surrounded by a lightweight polycarbonate band where the antenna would be on the current iPhone 4S. Since we’re operating in the world of make-believe anyway, De Rosa thew in a 10 megapixel rear shooter and an A6 processor, which, though not yet real, should eventually pack quite the processing punch. The SJ, in case you were wondering, does indeed stand for “Steve Jobs.”

I think this tops any concept designs I’ve seen thus far, even if it is a tad far-fetched (what kind of battery life could a device that thin possibly have?). What do you think of this fictional beauty?

64 Responses to “A new gorgeous iPhone concept we wish was from Apple”

  1. One of my most wanted features is a fingerprint reader. It would be so nice to be able to have the screen locked and instead of having a password just put your finer on the screen to unlock it. It would be sooo useful.

  2. cliffclof

    I agree, apple needs to make something new and stop selling us all the same things claiming it is better and faster, then writing thicker software that does not offer any new basic features that should have been there from the start while slowing down current hardware versions just to repeat

  3. it would have been 1 day battery life it would have as good battery as samsung galaxy s2, iPhone in general is a poor product. Samsung galaxy s2 was made before 4s and is faster and has bigger screen and the same battery capacity.