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A new gorgeous iPhone concept we wish was from Apple

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Apple makes beautiful things, but sometimes Apple fans can make them even more beautiful. This new iPhone SJ concept from ADR Studios in Italy (the same folks who created that iCam mock-up) is a perfect example.

Designer Antonio De Rosa has really outdone himself this time, with an edge-to-edge capacitive screen on a super-thin all-glass body, surrounded by a lightweight polycarbonate band where the antenna would be on the current iPhone 4S. Since we’re operating in the world of make-believe anyway, De Rosa thew in a 10 megapixel rear shooter and an A6 processor, which, though not yet real, should eventually pack quite the processing punch. The SJ, in case you were wondering, does indeed stand for “Steve Jobs.”

I think this tops any concept designs I’ve seen thus far, even if it is a tad far-fetched (what kind of battery life could a device that thin possibly have?). What do you think of this fictional beauty?

64 Responses to “A new gorgeous iPhone concept we wish was from Apple”

  1. windows7phone

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  2. SayWhat

    Don’t rate it. How can you call this a top concept design? He’s basically flattened an iPhone 4 and stuck ugly square buttons on the side. That could have been conceived by an 8th grader.

  3. Kris Messer

    Looks fantastic but did he also redesign every piece of technology within the iPhone to get it that thin? I could redesign the outer shell of Apple’s iCloud data centre to fit in a 200 metre radius.

  4. Sanjay Dua

    Wow, what a pretty picture! A good attempt, but an industrial design concept that does not deliberately consider hardware, software, and manufacturing tradeoffs remains just that — a pretty picture. Building a viable and groundbreaking phone is no small task. This concept does not break any new ground, but shamelessly copies the iPhone 4/4S design language. The designer likely chose the polycarbonate band as he thought the phone antennas would perform better if they were not embedded inside a Faraday cage. But, Apple has already solved that problem. Apple also does not place its logo on the front screen. The screen is the phone – nothing ought to distract from the core experience even if it is the company’s logo. It would have been splendid to see a viable and novel design concept. The curved screen glass is also not ground breaking. Among others, Nokia’s Lumina models also use a curved gorilla screen glass. It will take a very rare designer to help re-imagine and improve upon the iPhone 4/4S design.

    • booooring

      if this isn’t even viable as some of you say then whats the point of imagining something that looks exactly like every other smart phone only thinner? mmmm why not imagine something in rubber, that bends, is 100% screen, and can project life-size holograms?

  5. Where would you hold it? With an end-to-end capacitive surface I’d imagine you’d see a lot of interference. Granted, I squeeze my 4S from its sides, so perhaps it’s a non-issue.

  6. David Walker

    I’ve had access to a lot of smart phones recently and in my opinion the worst thing about the iPhone 4 is the hard, square edges. It feels like a small brick. The rendering above looks slightly rounded, but probably still brick-like.
    The iPhone 3GS and almost every Android phone I’ve tried just feels better in my hand. I’m hoping Apple finds its way back to at least slightly curved designs and finally increases the size of the screen. I’ve seen small Asian women using 4.3″ Android phones one handed on the subway so clearly Apple could go bigger without excluding anyone.

    • Bob Maske

      I disagree. I like the squared edges look way better than the rounded back of the previous iPhones. The problem I see with the the capacitive screen being edge to edge is that I will always be touching it and making something unwanted happen.

    • Wow someone’s being racist…they might have had naturally large hands from, say, playing an instrument or working at a job that requires one to stretch their hands. A lot of my colleagues, even those that stand over six feet tall, have complained about the awkward feeling they experience when holding a 4-inch Thunderbolt, or even the recent Droid Razr. It differs for each person.

    • This is Steve Jobs philosophy, that design comes before engineering. This is what he’s tried to show in all of his models, ignoring cost complaints or possible hardware problems just to get the perfect design.

  7. The next iphone is supposed to feature what the 4s should have had with the laser keyboard and 3d screen. And i read recently that apple have accquired some patents relating too small hydrogen fuel cells as a new means of battery

  8. Armando

    Looks like an iPhone 4 just thinner? I’ve seen way better concepts. I think the new iPhone needs to be something that nobody has ever seen or imagined. Kinda of like when Samsung came out with the Nexus S phone (not saying it was revolutionary) but the the curved screen was different. Isn’t that Apple’s motto, “Think Different” just sayin…