Video: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus battery charging system


Following one of my own seven mobile mantras, I spent $40 on Samsung’s spare battery charging station for my Galaxy Nexus. The kit includes a power cord, spare battery and a charger that doubles as a stand. It’s definitely not what I’d call a dock, but rather a stand because this kit was actually made for the Samsung Galaxy S; another Google Android phone. It just happens to work with the Nexus, as you can see in the following video.


The spare battery is a duplicate of the one that comes with the handset; same 1850 mAh capacity and Near Field Communications support. Overall, I’m happy just to have the second battery, although most days I don’t need it. However, I do wish the stand were more like a dock. Out of the box, you can’t charge both the spare battery and the phone. Instead, an optional adapter is required. And the phone isn’t secure in the stand, especially in portrait mode.


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