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Meet the Analyst: introducing Jo Maitland

Happy New Year! For our first “Meet the Analyst” of 2012, we are pleased to speak with the newest member of the GigaOM Pro team, Jo Maitland. (Fellow GigaOM Pro curator Michael Wolf announced her arrival over on GigaOM yesterday.) As of Jan. 2, Jo has joined GigaOM Pro as our newest research director and infrastructure/cloud curator.

Prior to GigaOM Pro, Jo served as the executive editor at TechTarget, where she helped drive enterprise and cloud coverage. She has also worked as an analyst at both Forrester and the 451 Group. At GigaOM Pro, Jo will focus on analysis and research on cloud and overall enterprise IT. She has already written her first research note, “Cloud computing 2012: a pessimist’s guide.” Stay tuned to the Infrastructure channel on GigaOM Pro for her latest insights and updates.

Jo Maitland, the newest member of the GigaOM Pro analyst team
Jo Maitland, the newest member of the GigaOM Pro analyst team

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am the curator and research director for our infrastructure and cloud channel on GigaOM Pro. I’m super psyched to be in a role that lets me wear so many different hats. My job includes writing different kinds of research, moderating webinars, speaking at events, recruiting analysts for the network and advising companies on how emerging technologies in cloud computing affect enterprise IT pros. I think the role for analysts in the technology market today is to provide information about what isn’t already out there, directing attention to where it hasn’t been and saying something new. In the world of retweeting the same information ad nauseam, the ability to add context, perspective and analysis is becoming more important.

As a GigaOM Pro analyst, what are your areas of focus?

My area of focus is enterprise IT adoption of the cloud and disruptive cloud companies and technologies.

What is your favorite article that you have ever written?

I wrote an article once that prompted the SEC to come knocking at the door of my previous company. That was an exciting day. My boss didn’t know whether he was supposed to fire me or give me a raise. The story moved the stock of one of the companies I was writing about so dramatically that it caused a stir among Wall Street analysts. Someone tipped off the SEC that I was given material information on a public company ahead of investors, implicating my source of breaking Regulation FD [Fair Disclosure]. It felt like a Woodward and Bernstein moment. I did not give up my sources, and the issue seemed to go away. Here is a link to the story.

What was the last piece of media (music, video, book, etc.) you paid money for?

The Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle (Book 1 is awesome, book 2 is good, book 3 is OK — the classic trilogy problem).

What are the first three media outlets (websites, blogs, actual physical publications) you read in the morning?

The Wall Street Journal, Twitter and GigaOM.

You’re stranded on a desert island: What are the five gadgets/devices/services/apps you can’t live without? (Presumably, there’s electricity and Wi-Fi on this desert island).

A coffeemaker (plus an endless supply of Peet’s house blend), smartphone, Macbook Air, the BBC World Service and Facebook.

When you’re not writing for GigaOM Pro, what’s your favorite thing to do?

To relax and switch off I watch movies, ride my bike long distances (I did the AIDS Ride from SF to LA last summer), and I love exploring new places.

What’s your favorite non-tech blog?

I enjoy Seth Godin’s blog; he’s able to take a big-picture view of what’s going on in media, marketing and communications and relate it to everyday life. He writes in a clear, simple way, never wasting a word.

Bonus question: What are you most excited for in 2012?

I am getting married in October 2012 and can’t wait.