Nest’s log jam is opening up for its smart thermostat

Nest_in the box low-res

The Nest learning thermostat has been sold out since the beginning of November, but it looks like that back log is starting to clear a bit. While Nest’s smart thermostat still isn’t available for sale on its website, the company is offering some potential customers on its email list a chance to buy the device. I just got this email Tuesday morning (though, I already bought one):

Since you’ve been waiting patiently all this time, we’d like you to be one of the first to get a Nest. You can buy up to five Nest Learning Thermostats now, before we open the store to the public. Click below to order, but please note that you can only order once using this personal reserve page.

I still don’t know the volumes that made the Nest thermostat sold out for months, but clearly the company is being cautious not to over promise delivery of its $250 thermostat. While there are other connected, programmable thermostats out there on the market, the Nest smart thermostat is a hot ticket item because it was designed and developed by former Apple execs, is super slick, and can help customers cut 20 to 30 percent of their home energy consumption.

I did this unboxing video over the holidays, though I have yet to install the device (as I bought it as a gift). But while you’re still waiting for a chance to buy the Nest, watch our unboxing video below, and we’ll follow up with an installation video shortly.



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