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What's Coming In 2012

Last week, the paidContent staff analyzed the sectors we cover most, highlighting the key people, companies and trends to watch in 2012. Some key topics: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), internet TVs, publishing, advertising, legal and the age of ubiquity. Below, links to our coverage:

»  What’s Coming In 2012: The Age Of Ubiquity (For Some)

»  What’s Coming In 2012: Digital Advertising, Up Close And Personal

»  What’s Coming In 2012: The Content Industry Strikes Back

»  What’s Coming In 2012: Internet TVs Out-Box The Boxes

»  What’s Coming In 2012: Book Publishing

»  What’s Coming In 2012: A New Era For Apple

2 Responses to “What's Coming In 2012”

  1. In your predictions for 2011, you missed paywalls as a major trend, insisting (based on your research?) that only about 5% of users would consider paying for digital content. This year you ignore small and micropayments as a way to monetize online assets.

    Thank God others, for example, Lance Ulanoff from Mashable, have a clearer vision. He recognized micro payment economy as one of the top five tech trends for 2012.