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USA Today Becomes Latest Publisher To Embrace Kindle Fire With Custom App

Amazon’s Kindle Fire continues to draw interest from publishing companies, including ones who have already embraced Android tablets. This time, USA Today has decided to launch a specialized app for the Kindle Fire despite having already developed an Android tablet application.

USA Today’s new Kindle Fire app is further proof that publishers are taking separate approaches to the Kindle Fire, which will probably wind up as the best-selling Android tablet released over the past year, and other Android tablets like the Motorola (NYSE: MMI) Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab. “Part of USA TODAY’s mobile strategy is to be the first news source on emerging technologies. We develop and design our apps for each specific device to provide the optimum experience to our customers,” said Dave Hunke, president and publisher of USA Today, in a press release.

Although we still don’t know exactly how many Kindle Fires Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) has sold, Amazon’s holiday announcement that “millions” had been sold is probably enough to declare it the most successful Android tablet to date. We’ll see how many people actually enjoy using the device, but the volume has been enough to convince several publishers that they need to have a Kindle Fire-oriented app to reach those users intrigued by Amazon’s custom take on Android.

And as we’ve noted in the past, this is a problem both for Google’s Android tablet strategy as well as smaller publishers that don’t necessarily have the resources of USA Today to develop apps for every platform.

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