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Where to watch the Rose Parade & Occupy protests online

Just like the party on Times Square, the Rose Parade is an essential part of how we celebrate the beginning of a new year. The Tournament of Roses Parade, which is how it’s officially called, has been happening in early January for more than 120 years. Each year, dozens of floats built entirely out of flowers and other organic material parade down Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, California.

This year, things are going to be a little different though: Not only is the parade happening on January 2nd instead of New Year’s day due to parade rules that don’t allow it to happen on a Sunday; Occupy protesters are planing to use the parade to broadcast their demands to a world-wide audience. There are plans for a human float that will follow the official parade, and protesters will also position themselves along the parade route.

Both the official parade and the surrounding protests will be streamed live online:

And in case you’re wondering who Spencer Mills is – we interviewed him a few months ago:

3 Responses to “Where to watch the Rose Parade & Occupy protests online”

  1. The occupiers are planning on marching after the parade is over. There is ALWAYS lots of protesters marching then, for lots of various reasons. The cameras get turned off and they aren’t shown on TV. So don’t expect to see them.