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The weekend review: the new world of work

During this, the last weekend of the year, many offices and businesses are closed up for the holidays. But if our most popular article on GigaOM Pro this past week is any indication, work hasn’t left our minds, even if we’ve left the building. Larry Hawes’ research note, “The role of organizations, individuals and managers in the new workplace” echoes many of the sentiments raised at our recent GigaOm Net:Work conference: how factors such as changing market forces and evolving technologies are rapidly affecting the roles of organizations, management and individual employees, and what we can do to acclimate to this “new world of work.”

Also popular this week, perhaps in response to the post-holiday shopping rush, was Paul Sweeting’s “What’s driving the next phase of the e-commerce evolution,” which looks at the year’s spending trends via online and mobile sales. And lastly, Paul Miller’sWill cloud computing push the BRIC market to the front?” examines the rise of cloud computing in four key countries with quickly-developing technical infrastructure — Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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