Games for the weekend: 100 Rogues


Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome enough to keep you busy until Monday, at least.

100 Rogues100 Rogues ($0.99, Universal) is a role-playing game that challenges the bond between a player and their character, which is normally a valued relationship in RPGs. How does it do that? By killing your chosen character, over and over, again and again.

100 Rogues

Instead of a deep and meaningful bond with your character, 100 Rogues drives game play forward through classic aesthetics and a never-ending quest for food.  You also still have to watch health and energy, as in most RPGs, but the Belly stat is the key difference here. Unlike with health and energy, you won’t be told in the general heads up display when you’re running out of food, and items to bolster that stat don’t seem as plentiful as those for the others.

Once your belly is empty, you will start losing one point of health each round until you either find food or die. You are warned from time to time that your character is getting hungry, and when that happens, you may find yourself taking unusual risks in your quest for food.  And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, you’ll discover that some of the food in the dungeon is rotten, and eating it will deduct permanent points from your max health.

100 RoguesWhen you’re not in panic mode searching for fresh food, the randomly generated levels and over sixty different monster types will certainly keep you on your toes. Your character also earns experience which you can spend on skills, and the world is littered with treasure and merchants that will sell you items, including food, for a price. When you start a new game, you can choose between a Human Crusader, a Fairy Wizard, or one of seven different classes available via in-app purchase.

Overall, thanks to the unique belly stat, and variety of levels and characters, Dinofarm Games and Fusion Reactions have done an outstanding job of injecting new life into the dungeon crawler genre with 100 Rogues.

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