Quick tip: Use Notification Centre as an app launcher


One of the jailbreak features I really wish would come to the platform legitimately is the ability to use launchers to quickly start an app without digging through multiple, crowded home screens. It makes it much easier to tweet something first, for instance, or check in to your favorite coffee spot on Foursquare. Luckily, you can mimic the behavior of a quick launcher with iOS 5’s Notification Centre(s aapl).

In Notification Center, tapping on notifications launches the app they’re associated with. Your first instinct might be to clear out all notifications associated with each app to keep your Center clear. Don’t. Just leave one for each app, and then you can use the Notification Center as a quick launcher for those programs.

To save time, go to Notifications in Settings and optimize your Notification Center. You can do this by choosing the order in which notifications appear, how many recent notifications to display from each, and whether or not they appear in Notification Center at all. Experiment and find the combination that works best for you.



Um. Why not just put those desperately needed apps on your home screen? It’s always only one button press away.


I don’t get it. In order to leave one for each app, you would have to be able to delete individual notifications. I can only clear all notifications for a given app. Please clarify.


I don’t get it. In order to leave one notification of each type, you have to be able to delete individual notifications. How do you do that?

Michael W. Perry

There’s an app called Quickpick that makes this easier and more versatile. You can even create a link directly to where WiFi or Bluetooth is turned on and off. I picked it up a little over a week ago, and I’ve been happy with it.

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