iPad Rumors: High-Res Displays? Sure, But iWorld Launch Hard To Believe

A look at photo capabilities in the iPad

There’s nothing like a good Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) rumor to liven up a slow holiday news week. Today’s episode involves the iPad and combines some plausible technical specifications with some laughable launch event predictions.

Digitimes, an electronics industry trade publication with a notorious reputation for accuracy, claims that Apple is gearing up to launch two new iPads in January at Macworld|iWorld, the event formerly known as Macworld that Apple deserted after its last appearance in 2009. The new devices are said to have high-resolution displays–a persistent rumor over the past few months–on the same 9.7-inch screen that Apple designed for the iPad and iPad 2.

So while that’s not all that surprising, the notion that Apple would launch these devices (which supposedly have different cameras) in late January at the conference is extremely hard to believe. Apple isn’t on the exhibitor list for iWorld and pulled out of Macworld because it said it wasn’t interested in participating in industry trade shows anymore. A reversal of that policy would be quite surprising.

Updated: Jim Dalrymple at Loop Insight says that according to sources within Apple, there will be no iPad launch at iWorld. His story didn’t address the device specs, so it seems like persistent rumors about the high-resolution iPad 3 display are gaining steam.


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