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Almost 40 Percent Of Facebook Use Is By Mobile App

“Sometime in the last couple of days, the monthly active users of Facebook’s mobile apps passed 300 million,” writes Enders Analysis analyst Benedict Evans, citing Facebook data.

That is 37.5 percent of the 800 million total monthly active users Facebook disclosed in September, when Facebook said there were 350 million monthly active mobile users, making Facebook one of the most mobile-centric online services out there.

Half of active iOS and Android users (225 million active mobile Facebook users) and 70 percent of BlackBerry users have installed the Facebook app, Evans writes.

“In other words, 70 percent of mobile users and 30 percent of all users used apps to access Facebook,” Benedict Evans writes.

2 Responses to “Almost 40 Percent Of Facebook Use Is By Mobile App”

  1. Its really not surprising that people are using the facebook app, the access to the internet from mobile/cell phones these days is amazing. People are surfing the web constantly and now that social networking is so big, you wouldn’t be surprised with these statistics.