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Infographic: Are mobile devices destroying your body?

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Connected mobile devices make life easier, but are our bodies paying too high a price? Eyewear retailer Mezzmer culled a number of datapoints in an infographic that gives a glimpse into the health complications brought by small screens, speakers and the ergonomics of using handheld computers. Posture, vision issues, hearing and sleep deprivation are just a few of the challenges illustrated.

Related to these, and possibly the most harmful, is texting and driving. The smartest thing I’ve done recently is to avoid using the phone while driving at nearly all costs, although I don’t think we need the NTSB to legislate that choice. There has to be a better technical solution.

4 Responses to “Infographic: Are mobile devices destroying your body?”

  1. What about cell phone radiation? While specific cancer risks haven’t been 100% proven, we can’t just ignore the science behind this form of radiation… And what about our kids, using cell phones earlier than we ever did?

  2. Attention First

    @Kevin: I think the NTSB recommendations are based on research that *any* use of phones while driving is problematic and has more to do with one’s attention than one’s hands. I recall some reporting on the topic saying one’s driving performance while on the phone is similar to that while intoxicated. I can’t help but think of the attitude of drinking friends that they can “handle” driving drunk… it sounds like the attitude of hands-free mobile users.

  3. I would be curious how does the WIFI and 3G/4G radiation affect us? FaceTime, Skype, Facebook and all the other ways of getting more radiation must have some effect on us.