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12 tech leaders’ resolutions for 2012

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Lose your love handles; call your Mom more often; get that promotion – if you’re like many of us, you’re already thinking over some New Year’s resolutions that will make you a better “you” in 2012. But how are the tech industries’ thought leaders approaching the new year? We asked 12 of them for their resolutions, and will publish one a day starting on December 27th and running until January 7th. Check back here to watch them unfold and get some advice from some of the tech industry’s most well-known names.

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42 Responses to “12 tech leaders’ resolutions for 2012”

  1. FemInTech

    Warrior’s last comment about helping other women is a very important point. As a technical female, I find that too often, women who are in a position to mentor or help, instead act with spite and competition. There seems to be an innate sense of cattiness that these women don’t realize sabotages the reputation of women overall in the workplace. I would cherish the chance to be mentored or even have a decent conversation with a woman who has been through the uphill battle of being a technical executive and not being labeled as any of the derogatory things that successful women are often called!! Even more so, a woman who has been able to do so without sacrificing the idea of family and a personal life.

  2. Jenna Lennonjjwe

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  3. MisterTbone

    MATT W IS 25 YEARS OLD! WTF coud he possibly truly understand about a 20 year tech cycle (a tech cycle, that changes SO fast, is not anything akin to a political or financial cycle). Not taking away his supposed brilliance but I would rather hear from weathered CEOs who have been around the block many times, not from some kid who got it lucky once.

  4. Mister Tbone

    1) Path is confusing and you’re telling the user how to use the app (which is annoying and will be one of facebook’s failings)
    2) what was the point of mentioning you are an olympic jr skier? #humblebrag
    3) we’re not all rich like you Dave. Most people cannot afford a personal trainer in this economy