Unboxing Nest’s learning thermostat

Nest at Best Buy

The hottest item that you probably couldn’t get for Christmas this year was the Nest learning thermostat — the smart gadget has been sold out for weeks and you can’t get one until 2012. But I bought one a couple months ago for a Christmas present for my parents and the device finally showed up a couple days before the big day.

Since I was planning to give it as a present, I didn’t want to configure the device, but I did want to do a lil unboxing for y’all so you can see what it looks like and what you get inside. The packaging does remind me of Apple products (the creators designed the iPod and the iPhone), but the real test will come when we try to install the thermostat. I’m slightly worried about my parents tackling this project, but I’ll let you know how they fare in a couple weeks.



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