Infographic: Holidays are hot for in-app mobile ads

We already knew that mobile advertisements perform better on larger screened devices and now there’s evidence of when the best time of the year is for these ad spots. If you guessed the year-end holiday season, you’d be right according to data from Mobclix, a Velti company.

The mobile advertising company notes huge jumps during the months of November and December, with more engagement in full screen ads. Among the other datapoints, ad impressions found in mobile software with the Samsung Galaxy Tab — not Apple’s(s aapl) iPad — accounted for the most mobile ads in tablet apps. That could be due to more iOS devs using iAds, but still: It’s a rare time the Tab is ahead of Apple’s successful tablet by any measure! This makes sense to a degree: Android(s goog) app developers tend to rely on in-app ads for revenue vs. iOS developers who successfully generate revenues through app sales.