Apple’s Santa Siri ad: The most effective ad of the holiday season


Apple’s Siri (s aapl) ad featuring Santa Claus was 2011’s most effective holiday advertisement according to viewer reaction as measured by Ace Metrix, a TV ad analysis firm. The Apple spot also exemplified a bigger trend this year: according to Ace Metrix, “Santa sells.”

Ace Metrix scores ads based on perceived effectiveness by a selection of randomly selected viewers, which it says are “representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience.” Apple’s Siri ad, which you can see below, scored a 652 overall out of a total possible 950 points, which tallied from respondent scores on criteria such as relevance, persuasion, watchability, information, etc. Apple’s 652 was 8 percent higher than the average score for ads in the same tech-oriented category.

Other ads that did well include spots from Pillsbury, (s gis) Coca-Cola, (s ko) Nintendo and Duracell. (s pg) Santa was featured in 35 new ads during the holiday 2011 season, including Apple’s, and each of those campaigns performed above their category average.



This is great marketing by Apple. Especially when you consider the fact they didn’t even mention their product in the AD.


Much preferable to Best Buy’s “Game On, Santa” ads. Who thought ridiculing the last permissible symbol of the Christmas holiday was a good thing?

Jeremy Toeman

great video. but its unlike Apple to get a detail wrong – there’s only 2 billion Christians in the world, not 3.7… ;)


Santa is not a Christian per se. Although tied to Christmas Day, it is permissible to believe in Santa Claus without believing in Christ’s birth. Maybe he’s a bit Buddhist that way.

That 3.7 billion is probably households and maybe a few businesses. It sounds high but given the popularity of divorce it may be about right. As for the total number I guess even if Santa is not welcome at an abode, he still passes by and gives a shout out.

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