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Highlights Of 2011: Let's Do The CEO Shuffle

This is the third in a series of posts over this week that looks at the most significant developments of this year in the sectors that we cover, from publishing to mobile to advertising.

2011 was a year when our industry’s very biggest digital media vessels all got new pilots at the controls – and others came under pressure to push the “eject” button.

But don’t look for a common thread – our best and brightest each swapped their topper for very different reasons…

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One Response to “Highlights Of 2011: Let's Do The CEO Shuffle”

  1. John Brown

    You left off Time Inc.’s CEO media change.  It is a legacy media business but don’t write them off yet.  They’ve got great brands that still dominate the media landscape and their choice of a digitally savvy player from the buy side a wise one to position them to win in the coming years.  That choice is arguably more relevant than what happens at Yahoo! or AOL.