3 great ways to read GigaOM on a tablet


The holidays are just about here. And for many of you, that will probably mean there is a shiny new tablet computer waiting to be unwrapped.

What better way to enjoy your new (or even old) tablet, than firing it up to do some reading over the break? And what better content to read than GigaOM?

GigaOM news and analysis is now available on three top-notch tablet reading services: Google Currents, Livestand from Yahoo!, and Flipboard. Here’s how to find us:




Take these out for a spin and tell us what you think. What’s your favorite tablet platform? What features would you like to see added?



I really enjoy gigaom on Flipboard (iPad and iPhone). It’s great how the articles format with a masthead, page numbers, etc., when you click through from the main flip page. A lot of other content simply default to a scrollable version of their feed, which kind of breaks the metaphore.


I really like google goggles but it strips ads from the site. Also how does it report page views to you guys. Doesn’t this pose a problem to sites like yours?

Chris Albrecht

Hi Sid,

Did you mean Google Currents? It plugs in nicely with Google Analytics.

Right now, we are less concerned about formatting, and focused on delivering great content. We’re most curious about how people will adopt these new technologies.


Ah yes I meant currents. My “smart” keyboard sometimes predicts entire phrases for me and I didn’t bother to proofread. That’s good that it integrates with Google Analytics but does it strip other analytics from the pages. I’ve become quite the fan of currents and would hate to see it blocked because some websites get mad.

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