The coolest co-working space around (It’s in Bangalore)


Jaaga has several floors

The road to optimal productivity and happiness at the lowest cost is paved with pallet racks, the Internet, yoga and local organic leafy green salads, according to Freeman Murray, the co-founder of Jaaga, which is pretty much the coolest co-working space you’ll find out there. Jaaga is in Bangalore, India, and when the Geeks on a Plane group visited the community this weekend, it was filled with young entrepreneurs and hackers pitching their ideas about everything from e-commerce, to robot advertising, to tablet operating systems.

Jaaga provides its community — which pays a small fee — first off with the very basic needs: space and chairs and tables. The building was built with stacks of pallet racks making it look really cool to hang out in, and slightly terrifying to be in when there are dozens of people in the same room. The building offers dorm rooms and also has a variety of artistic Burning-Man-style touches like lighting made from recycled parts, a living wall in the front, and an old swing set.

Jaaga, of course, has Wi-Fi access, and a media room where the community can show off their business ideas or works of art. Beyond the space itself, Jaaga offers classes on skills like building Android (s goog) mobile apps or HTML5, and hosts community events (like the one we participated in).

Instead of just describing the space to you more, I thought I’d put up these pics. Read more about Jaaga here.


Brian Prentice

Interesting…maybe. On-the-cheap…definitely. But are you seriously defining this as an example of “the coolest co-working space?”

Toby Morning

I am so happy for you Freeman, If your in the bay area anytime soon, make sure you pop by Citizen Space, if it was not for your support, and kind heart, it would not still be around!

Vinuth M. Madinur

It was great having you guys over. Hope you had a good time too.

Brian Prentice

The climate is not bad in Bangalore…when you’re not in the monsoon season. Then how about safety, noise, pollution, comfort…the list goes on. Do you see yourself being able to work effectively in this type of environment? Not that you have to worry about that ever happening because no country outside of places like India would ever allow people to work in an environment like this unless it was deemed a construction worksite requiring people to be authorized and wear appropriate protective clothing.

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