Today in Cloud

Alongside the plethora of small consultancy shops more than happy to take your money and help your business get on the cloud, we’re seeing a trend toward the cloud companies themselves launching professional services offerings. Nimbula was the latest to join this trend yesterday, with a professional services offering — the Nimbula Cloud Migration Service — geared toward getting customers off public cloud infrastructure (Amazon, etc) and onto Nimbula-powered private clouds inside their own data centers. Nimbula boasts an impressive team of alumni from Amazon, VMware, and elsewhere, but it certainly doesn’t have this space to itself. Eucalyptus Systems offers similar services around Eucalyptus, and Rackspace Cloud Builders or others are doing the same for OpenStack. And the traditional big system vendors like HP and IBM would also be happy to sell you a package of hardware, software, professional services and ongoing support, if you chose to run their cloudy solutions. It’s still not clear what proportion of those seeking to deploy private or hybrid clouds will do it themselves, and what proportion will turn to these packaged solutions. But this could turn out to be quite a big business, at least for the next few years.