Recalled iPod nanos getting current generation replacements


Apple (s aapl) issued a recall for its first-generation iPod nano devices back in November. At first, it looked like Apple intended to replace all the recalled units with refurbished equivalent models, but reports from MacRumors users now indicate that some users will be getting current, sixth-generation iPod nanos to replace their old hardware.

The original recall of the iPod nano occurred because of overheating issues related to the nano’s battery. It only affected first-generation devices, which have a long rectangular white or black body, with an aluminum back and a clickwheel for navigation. The first-generation devices originally launched back in 2005 in 2 GB and 4 GB sizes, with a 1 GB model introduced a little later on.

So far, now that the new nanos are being used as replacements, it looks like users will get a bump in storage capacity, too, since 8 GB is the smallest shipping current-generation model. A report from one person who received a 6G replacement device says that they aren’t covered under warranty when checked via their serial code, which is likely due to Apple deactivating the warranty of any models sent out as part of the program. Apple’s replacement program still says that a 90-day warranty applies for replacement units, however.

This is good news for folks who haven’t yet received their replacements as part of the program, or for those who haven’t yet signed up to take part in the recall. Those who haven’t yet begun the replacement process but have an eligible first-generation iPod nano can still do so at Apple’s website.

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