iTunes gets “Complete my Season Pass,” free Pan Am episodes

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Apple’s iTunes (s aapl) got a small but handy feature update on Tuesday, and also an iTunes content partner has provided an early Christmas gift that’s perfect for filling any downtime you may have as a result of the holidays. First, iTunes now has a “Complete my Season Pass” feature for TV shows, and second, Sony Pictures (s sne) is now offering all episodes of Pan Am free on Apple’s media marketplace.

Complete my Season Pass

Just like “Complete my Album” for the iTunes music store, Complete my Season Pass allows you to fill in the blanks of your TV collection. For individual episodes of shows you own, you’ll now have an option to buy the rest of the season at a reduced rate, minus the price you paid for any episodes you currently own. It’s a smart move for Apple, since it makes it easier for users to leverage their existing collections without incurring a penalty. Admittedly, it’s no iTunes Match for Video, but it’s still a way for iTunes customers to save a bit of cash vs buying all episodes individually.

Fly for free with ABC’s Pan Am

The ABC (s dis) period drama Pan Am, which follows the lives of a group of Pan Am stewardesses and pilots in the 1960s as they travel the world was a show I never expected to like this season, but that actually became one of my favorites, thanks to a combination of Mad Men‘s style with a lighter tone. All nine aired episodes are currently free on iTunes, as Sony Pictures tries to drum up interest in the series, since it’s been shedding viewers pretty steadily week-by-week. Sony Pictures Television’s U.S. Marketing SVP, Chris Van Amburg, told the Hollywood Reporter the company expects the promotion to “generate enthusiasm for the show’s January 8th return on ABC.” Since I’m hooked, I hope he’s right.

Both of these are timely developments as we head into the holidays, which bring lots of time for TV show catch-up marathons. Pan Am alone should get you through all of Christmas day at the in-laws, and then some.

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