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PHP fans embrace Metallica, fight Bieber fever

Metallica may not be the house band for PHP programmers, but it comes close. The heavy metal rockers are the group that most PHP coders like to listen to while they work. This is according to a sample of more than 3,000 PHP programmers surveyed by Zend.

The runners-up for most-popular bands were Pink Floyd and Linkin Park.

Other findings: The PHP faithful seem mightily conflicted over Lady Gaga, who showed up in three categories. She was voted the biggest “guilty pleasure” — meaning that programmers listen to her but do so only with headphones — and she was voted one of the least popular vocalists by respondents.

The most loathed artist nod went to teen sensation Justin Bieber, who was followed by both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (who was also a runner-up in the guilty pleasures category) in the voting.

Zend chief marketing officer Elaine Lennox said the company — which surveys its users every year on weightier matters — got the idea for the music questions after playing Lady Gaga before its conference in October and immediately witnessing an explosion of negative tweets. “The audience went crazy. We played Lady Gaga and apparently the crowd took exception,” she said.

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12 Responses to “PHP fans embrace Metallica, fight Bieber fever”

  1. dcolumbus

    Wow… So I asked my wife what she thought #1 was and she guessed “Metal” … Then I asked her what she thought the runners up were… She guessed “Lady Gaga.” … I wonder why … HA! See y’all at Summer Sanitarium. :P

  2. Myke Bates

    Well a cliche metal band is better than hearing we all prefer dubstep. For the metal head programmers out there who are looking for a little bit more oomph, check out Last Chance to Reason’s “Level 2”. If you dig heavy this is one that will be sure to inspire.

  3. Vladimir Rodionov

    Metallica and Pink Floyd on top of the list say that many PHP developers have graduated from college long time ago. Really doubt that today kids listen to Metallica and Pink Floyd.

  4. Mosaic Technology

    Very interesting. I would love to see more on what kind of music drives productivity in programming as well. I am always interested to see what kind of music certain professions or artists use for inspiration.

    • i agree. Would love more info. I think all software companies shoudl follow Zend’s example and poll their uses on this. Given the affinity between music and computer programming/math, it would be really interesting. Would love to see how Java developers vs. .Net developers vs. everyone else would compare.