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Samsung's Anti-Apple Campaign Appears To Be Working

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Samsung phones overtook iPhone for U.S. brand perception in the week after Samsung launched a TV campaign mocking hipster fanboys and iPhone’s battery.

YouGov’s BrandIndex, which measures consumers’ positive and negative sentiments towards brands, shows Samsung rose and iPhone fell after the ads were released on November 22 and December 1.

But YouGov says the movements are “driven mostly by adults 50+“. That may suggest older adults generally have a more negative perception of young, iPhone-toting hipster baristas – but it does not mean the attractive younger target market is about to desert iPhone.

Kindle has also overtaken iPad for brand perception, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

2 Responses to “Samsung's Anti-Apple Campaign Appears To Be Working”

  1. Survey, schmurvey. You could pull up a dozen more that show the negative campaign is backfiring on Samsung. We’ll see who has the last laugh, the copycatters in Asia who can sell a few more phones, but rely on parts orders from competitors, or the 1/3rd Trillion Dollar Apple who is firing Korean Samsung and hiring Japanese Sharp for its displays?