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Kickstarter finds: Stylus evolved, desirable dock and cable clutter cutter

This week, Kickstarter kicked off some high profile projects, along with a couple that seem like they should be official offerings from Apple(s aapl) to begin with. Here’s what’s hot this week on the crowdsourced funding site in Apple device accessories.

A dock becomes the darling of the tech world

The simply-named Elevation Dock is on track to become one of the highest funded projects on Kickstarter, based on its opening performance this week (it doubled the LunaTik’s initial funding record). That’s thanks in large part to a rare endorsement from John Gruber, proprietor of Daring Fireball and Apple community tastemaker. The Elevated Dock has already accumulated $246,741 in funding from 2620 backers as of this writing, far beyond its initial goal of $75,000.

The Elevation Dock actually doesn’t do much beyond refine the dock concept in key areas — specifically, it adds weight to make sure it’s easy to dock/undock the iPhone with just one hand, and it also features a flexible design to allow for multiple device widths, meaning you can use it with an iPhone wrapped in pretty much any case. Also, it gets a significant upgrade in the looks department from standard Apple official offerings; bead-blasted aluminum construction means it’ll match your iMac or MacBook Pro perfectly.

These are a relative steal at $59 for a pledge that secures a pre-order, and if you want audio line out and a USB power adapter you can upgrade to a $79 enhanced model. Other color options and packages are available at higher pledge levels.

The stylus that’s also just a pen

The Elevation Dock may have exceeded the LunaTik’s initial funding record, but a follow-up project from Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, the LunaTik Touch Pen, is also off to a good start. It’s a stylus (we’ve seen a lot of those lately) but with a twist, in that it also doubles as a real pen.

Wilson’s expansion of the LunaTik brand has already exceeded its funding goal, raising $79,965 in just a few short days. The Touch Pen uses aircraft-grade aluminum in its construction, just like the Elevation Dock, but there’s also a plastic version for those looking for a little color or a cheaper option. The real appeal of the Touch Pen is that with a click of the button on the back, it goes from being a tablet to being a stylus in a second, so that you can switch between digital and paper writing seamlessly without switching devices. Just remember to click the pen nib away before you write on your device, but even should you forget, it probably won’t have any effect on the iPad’s glass.

The LunaTik Touch Pen pre-ordering starts at the $30 pledge level, which nets you either two plastic pens or one aluminum one. A $75 pledge gets you five plastic pens in CMYK colors.

The enemy of tangled earphone cords

One project that’s nearing, but hasn’t yet met, its funding goal is the Wishbone, an earphone cable manager that integrates with the cord of basically any buds or headphones you already have. It’s a simple, elegant design that doesn’t look like it should add much weight to your earphone cord, but will help make it easier to keep them stowed away when not in use.

The Wishbone clips onto a headset cord, and then basically lives there until you want to use the two arms splintering off the core to wrap up your cord and prevent it from getting tangled in a pocket or bag. It’s just one piece of plastic, and it costs very little to back: just $10 secures a pre-order for the white version.

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4 Responses to “Kickstarter finds: Stylus evolved, desirable dock and cable clutter cutter”

  1. If you want to keep your earphone (or any other) cables from tangling, learn to wind them up correctly. Wrapping it around that dogbone thing is only going to put kinks in it.

    Learning to wrap cables is easier if you start with something bigger like an extension cord (I learned this in the pro-sound world wrapping up mic and speaker cables). Holding it in your left hand, make a first right handed loop that hangs freely and round. Then turn your right hand so your palm is pointing away from you and form a loop that goes under itself. The technique is called over/under. Go back and forth making every other loop go under. When you pull the cable out straight, there won’t be any kinks and it won’t try to twist itself. This works with garden hoses as well.

    After a bit of practice, you’ll learn to twist the wire both ways with your fingers instead of the awkward feeling of turning your hand. At that point, you can wind up small things like headphones that will come out straight every time.

  2. Vic Healey

    I have to call you on that first item. It is a poor value compared to a dock I picked up at Costco last week called the iHome iiD8 for $65.

    Aside from being much better looking the iD8 includes lithium ion batteries so you can unplug it and use it outside as a dock with decent audio. I recharges your iPad which docked and works better than using Apple’s own dock.

    You can drop the iPad one in it still inside its original Apple carrying case.
    The list price of iD8 is $99 but a real deal in my humble opinion at Costco with the in store coupon.