'Pain-Free Paywall' Company Signs First Four Publishers


Credit: Tinypass

TinyPass, a startup that aims to streamline the process of charging for content online by using existing platforms like Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and PayPal, has signed its first four publishers: DJ Booth, Hedge Tracker, Seattleite and Accent Pro.

DJ Booth is a hip hop music site that will use TinyPass to sell independent artists’ music. Hedge Tracker is a hedge fund investor site and is selling research reports for $9.95. Seattleite is a lifestyle news site for Seattle and Accent Pro provides accent and pronunciation training and is selling videos.

TinyPass aims to make small payments easier for consumers by using a “payment-agnostic approach,” accepting PayPal, Google, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) and credit cards, and allowing them to login through those accounts.

Publishers choose from a range of options for how to charge for their content. They can charge by the piece or let users select from a number of price options, and can charge prices between $0.10 and $200. On its website, Tiny Pass lays out a number of ideas for how publishers can choose to price their content; here they are:

A La Carte Access and Bundles: Charge for an article, a video, an issue, an area of your site, a subscription, or a downloadable file
Time-based Access: Create hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly premium, access passes
Metered Browsing: Specify a certain amount of access that is allowed before visitors are prompted to pay
Auto-Expire: Move from pay to free (to charge for your newest content) or free to pay (to charge for archives) automatically
Upgrades: Charge for an enhanced version of your content, or for an ad-free version
Split Pay: Let TinyPass automatically handle splitting the revenue between you and another party, such as a contributor or affiliate
Actions: Charge to enable user actions, such as posting questions, comments, tasks, resumes, or job listings

TinyPass takes a percentage of each transaction, based on the size of the transaction.

The company was founded in January 2011 as part of Hudson Media Ventures, a New York-based startup that also includes DynamoPlayer.com. That platform helps video producers charge for access to their videos.



It looks like TinyPass has plugins for WordPress, Drupal AND Joomla. Easy CMS integration is the way to go!


Thanks – Agree! Btw, we (Cleeng) are compatible with WordPress, Drupal
for direct & easy integration in the CMS. We also partner with Brightcove, Twistage
and FlowPlayer for videos. Check our website for details, and … congrats to Tinypass.


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