Does Anybody Care About Tablet Stats That Don't Include The Kindle Fire?

Let’s find out! Research firm IDC released its Q3 2011 report on media tablet shipments today. You’ll recall that the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet were not released until Q4 2011, making the firm’s report today somewhat less juicy but containing some interesting tidbits nonetheless. The company estimates that Android tablets will make up 40.3 percent of market share for media tablets in Q4, with Apple’s iPad slipping to 59.7 percent.

A few stats from the report:

»  IDC moved Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color into its media tablet category, rather than classifying it as an e-reader. The company estimates B&N shipped 805,458 Nook Colors in Q3.

»  IDC estimates that e-ink e-reader shipments have increased by 165.9 percent year-on-year, with 6.5 million units shipped in Q3. Amazon’s launch of the $79 Kindle and $99 Kindle Touch with Special offers “drops these products well into the range of impulse and gift buys for many.” The United States still makes up 80 percent of the worldwide market for e-readers, IDC estimates. “Europe, the second largest market, should rise to its highest volume levels in 4Q11 due to holiday shopping, but is not growing at the expected rate due to lack of local language content and the uncertain euro zone climate,” said IDC analyst Jennifer Song.

»  IDC estimates that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) shipped 11.1 million iPads in Q3, up from 9.3 million units in Q2.

»  Overall, the company estimates that media tablet shipments rose 23.9 percent in Q3, over the previous quarter, to 18.1 million units–an increase of 264.5 percent year on year. The company projects worldwide shipments of 63.3 million units for all of 2011.