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Nokia, iPhone, Android and wishful thinking

Man! When will these guys from Nokia learn not to put their foot in their mouth. Once again, yet another executive from Nokia is out dissing iPhone and Android. Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at Nokia Entertainment Global, in an interviewsays the young people are baffled by Android and are fed-up with the iPhone.

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone,” he said. “Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security. So we do increasing see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

I cracked up when I read that headline and that post. When I used to travel globally, the Nokia ringtone and the SMS beep were ubiquitous. Today not so much. I have seen more people with iPhones in more places. The “young people” are the ones with the iPhones. This Nokia executive’s statement is nothing short of bizarre.

I co-incidentally happen to be in Helsinki, a few miles away from Nokia’s global headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Walking around the downtown (where I am staying), I have seen many more iPhones than Nokia phones. And most of the startup people I met have some variation of the iPhone. One of them who is still in college told me that Nokia gave him one of their new phones, and he decided to use it as a way to support his nation’s largest employer. A month later, he switched back to the iPhone. Ouch! When you can’t give away your phones to your own “youth,” it is time to stop hating on other platforms and look for ways to get people to use your product.

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    • Brian Boesen

      Kevin I find your comment pretty comical, I have owned an iphone for the past 5 years and I am 18 years old. I used my friends new windows phone for about 15 minutes the other night and I honestly could not figure out what in the world would possess someone to develop a platform that is that horrible to look at and use.

      • Viktor Benei

        I’m an iOS developer and I love the iOS system (although I’m not an Apple evangelist). But I used Windows Phone for a short time and I loved it too. The metro UI is great interface (IMO) especially compared to Android’s flexible (means: every app looks and behaves differently..) UI. And it caches up with iOS in features as well. I think in a few years Win Phone can be a real alternative.

        Of course beauty of the interface design is very much depends on personal taste.

    • Sohrob Tahmasebi

      The comments made by this Nokia executive are silly. The truth is, iPhone is the absolute best smartphone on the market and Nokia is very late to the party showing up with an unproven OS. They have a very uphill battle.

    • “…so maybe this due from nokia knows something you don’t know”
      And what exactly would they know that no else does?
      If people are leaving Android and iOS for the reasons he cites above, don’t you think it would have an effect on marketshare numbers? Wouldn’t we start to see Nokia gaining share at some point?

      As of now, it’s all anecdotes against anecdotes.
      “I’ve heard from a ton of people that they are all sick iPhones and that Android phones are far to difficult to use”
      “Oh yeah? Well, I’ve met a bunch of startups and they all used iPhones!”
      Problem with this is that no one can (dis)prove one or the other, it’s basically meaningless.

      • “…don’t you think it would have an effect on marketshare numbers? Wouldn’t we start to see Nokia gaining share at some point?…”

        I actually saw a recent report that the Nokia Lumia 800 was outselling the iPhone 4S in the Netherlands. And another one that the Lumia was selling out in the UK.

        Globally I doubt they’ll be able to do quite as well, but still that does seem like a significant improvement from before.